Questions and comments about individual reviews should appear in the comments section of the review under question.

Direct more general questions and comments to: summersoldier(at) (I will not give out a live link, to ensure that my address stays out of the hands of spammers or other automated systems).

To submit a book for review, consider the following stipulations: All books must be in English.  All books must be available through legitimate bookstores and web retailers.  I am not qualified to review children's books or medical texts.  Books from independent publishers are eagerly sought and accepted, but books from subsidy publishers will be neither reviewed nor read.  The fact that you send me a book does not mean I owe you a positive review—or, considering realistic time restraints, any review at all.

If you still want to submit a book for review, send hard copies to my business address below.  Digital copies may be sent to the e-mail above; please indicate in the body of your message that you have read this page.  My business address is:

Kevin L Nenstiel
Department of English, Thomas Hall 202
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE  68845